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Daniel Watkins - Director

We Provide Solutions To Farmers

Two years before Calibre Spraying was formed, Daniel Watkins, director of Eagle Eye Engineering, innovator, and also keen instigator of new manufacturing processes, along with Scott Morrell, broad acre spraying contractor with over 20 years’ experience, came together to design a serviceable, relatable and efficient towed boomspray.

Daniel and Scott aimed together to produce a boomspray for the Australian agricultural regions with the ultimate combination of structural soundness, practicality, smart plumbing while engaging the latest technology for spraying and precision agriculture.

Key aspects that Calibre Spraying have addressed include herbicide application, reliability, ground-following structured booms, large capacity tank, smooth ride, simple operation and parts availability.

Packed full of unrivalled features and the smoothest ride guaranteed, Calibre boomsprays have been engineered for the ultimate experience in broadacre spraying.

Experience the next generation.